The Hidden

by Aditya Prakash Ensemble

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released September 25, 2012



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Aditya Prakash Ensemble Los Angeles, California

The Aditya Prakash Ensemble is a collaboration that breaks down walls between the cultures of jazz and Indian classical music, to discover music that is free from genre. Through the common language of improvisation, as well as compositions that uniquely blend Indian ragas and complex rhythms, with Jazz’s rich harmonic structure, the group seeks to illuminate the transcendental nature of music. ... more

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Track Name: The Hidden
(Translated from old Kannada)

Like stillness hidden within the ground
Like flavor hidden within the fruit
Like fire hidden within the wood
The Supreme is hidden within the feeling of your Heart
Track Name: Separation
(Translated from Hindi)

Without seeing Thee my eyes burn and ache
Since the time I was parted from Thee,
Never did I have a moments respite
Each night without thee is like months to me
To whom shall I tell the woes of Separation?
Track Name: Soham (That I am)
(Translated from Marathi)

Behind the constant motion and turbulence of the mind, remains That which is still, ever present, eternal.
I am That.
Unborn, ageless, immutable, imperishable, boundless, infinite, non-dual, the origin of All
That I am
Track Name: Hasiba Kheliba
(Translated from old Hindi)

Laugh and play through life by meditating well.
Leave the confines of your mind
Immerse yourself in the Bliss of your heart
Die to your ego. Die to your individuality
Die this sweet death to know your True Self
Die the death which Gorakh experienced.